A Story of Trust and Gratitude: Fatima’s Journey with IHHN

After being diagnosed with a debilitating kidney ailment, Fatima sought support within the walls of the Indus Hospital & Health Network, where her journey to recovery began. The compassionate care she received developed an unwavering bond that Fatima, to date, shares with her loved ones.

Years later, Fatima, filled with the excitement of motherhood, decided to trust the hospital that once helped her. At Sheikh Saeed Memorial Hospital, under the umbrella of the Indus Hospital, Fatima welcomed her precious daughter into the world.

In a heartfelt tribute to the dedicated staff and impeccable service, Fatima praised the hospital and the commitment of their medical team. She expressed gratitude as she recounted the sense of security and peace she felt throughout her stay.

“I came to Indus years ago when I was very sick. The doctors took good care of me. Now I’ve come back to have my first child. The care here is unparalleled.” 

Indus Hospital is committed to providing free-of-cost quality healthcare to everyone who walks through their doors. The staff believe that access to quality healthcare is a fundamental right, and it should be provided to all patients with utmost care.

Fatima’s story is a testament to the hospital’s dedication to compassion and excellence, touching the lives of many. Her story, filled with resilience and gratitude, resonates with others who have experienced the healing touch of Indus Hospital. Fatima is grateful for the quality care and collective spirit of humanity, driven by the generosity of donors who light the way for those in need of healing.

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