Your donations will help us to reach millions of underserved people and provide them with access to
quality healthcare, and spread millions of smiles.

Over 70% of Indus Hospital & Health Network beneficiaries qualify for Zakat. Your Zakat will be strictly allocated to eligible patients through Shariah-compliant procedures.


Zakat donations save lives! Your support is crucial for vulnerable communities lacking healthcare access. Every contribution, regardless of size, makes a difference in serving those in need.


Sadaqah, a timeless charity, brings blessings to givers and hope to receivers. Your recurring contributions light the way for those in need of essential healthcare, ensuring they receive the treatment they require.

General Donations

Millions in Pakistan lack access to basic necessities like healthcare. Your support can transform this reality, bringing a future where healthcare is accessible to all. Every donation, big or small, brings healing to those in need.

Childhood Cancer

Each year, about 10,000 Pakistani children face cancer, with only a quarter surviving. We are committed to improving these odds. Your donation can bring joy to a child’s victory over cancer and relief to parents knowing treatment is affordable.

Primary Healthcare

We are dedicated to reducing healthcare disparities by enhancing services and access, especially for rural and migratory groups. Your support empowers marginalized communities, fulfilling their fundamental need for healthcare.


Safe Birth

Every day in Pakistan, 42 newborns and 62 children die before age 5, with 75% of deaths preventable. Our maternal & neonatal program saves lives by addressing preventable conditions. Your support can make a lifesaving difference.

Hospital Expansion

As healthcare demand rises, so does the need for expanded facilities. Your support for this campaign brings hope and healing to those in need. Help fund the expansion of Indus Hospital & Health Network for accessible healthcare in Pakistan.

nourish mom


Our NourishMom program provides holistic care for mothers and infants, including medical and nutritional support. Your donation ensures vital nutrients during pregnancy and post-birth. Join us in nurturing healthier futures.

Physical Rehabilitation

In Pakistan, more than one million people are physically disabled, which not only affects their mobility but also their social life. Road accidents, natural disasters, and spinal injuries are common reasons for these disabilities.

Ways to Donate

Mode of Payment

Accordion Sample DescriptiIndus Health Australia limited (IHA) Account details BSB. 062 000 Acc No: 17215717 Bank: Common Wealth Bankon
Please issue your cheques payable to “Indus Health Australia limited (IHA)” and mail to following address 76 St. George Crescent Sandy Point NSW, 2172
Mode of Payment